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Snap-it™ Quick Edge Interchangeable Landscape Border & Garden Edging System.

Snap-It Starter Pack



Starter Kit (circle) £39.99
This kit will make a 1.2m diameter circle.
6x LC1 Landscape Curves
4x Steel Reinforcing Bars
6x Locking Pins
1x Finishing Trowel




1150mm Straight Unit
1150mm Driveway Curve
750mm Landscape Curve 1

1150mm Straight Unit £3.75

1150m Driveway Curve (15m Circle)

750mm Landscape Curve 1
(1.2m Circle) £2.99

750mm Landscape Curve 2
750mm Landscape Curve 3
90 Degree Elbow

750mm Landscape Curve 2
(2.4m Circle) £2.99

750mm Landscape Curve 3
(6.0m Circle) £2.99

90° Elbow £2.75

45 Degree Elbow
Snap-it Imprint Roller
Snap-it Trowel

45° Elbow £2.75

Snap-it Imprint Roller £18.99

Snap-it Trowel £2.99

Concrete Dye
Snap-it Re-bar
Snap-it Lock Pins

Concrete Dye (1.25kg dye required
per bag of cement) £4.50 - £7.99

Snap-it Re-bar (Steel Reinforcing - recommended for maximum strength)
£8.75 ( Pk of 10 )

Snap-it Lock Pins (min 1 required per section to hold formwork firmly in place) £4.75 ( Pk of 25 )